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Friday, 24 February 2017

Transit Lounge (197 of 365)

Day 197 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day fuselage meaning: "the main body of an aircraft."

Transit Lounge

The tall windows
Stare back at me and in them
I see my reflection 

A young boy runs up to the Windows
A battle weary mother at his side
He jumps up and down and exclaims with the only words he knows
I think there must be a word for this excitement
He stares out at the nose of the plane, it's great white fuselage
and the wings
His arms fidget and he points 
As if it's impossible to describe the majesty of what he sees 
There is wonder 
Nothing is mundane to him 
This is the discovery of flight
This is the discovery of the giant 
And indecipherable 
This is the discovery of the modern

The boy jumps about and takes his leave 
Then calls his father near to him
Gesturing frantic and wild 
With a smile a wingspan wide
The boy's father smiles
I find myself smiling too 

Suddenly I recall where I am 
In this great fortress that we made
That somehow belongs to them
Maybe they are alive
Maybe these great birds that beat us
Deserve more respect

The boy goes
It is time to board
Time to fly. 

Portrait of the Dying (196 of 365)

Day 196 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day sallow meaning: "
(of a person's face or complexion) of an unhealthy yellow or pale brown colour."

Portrait of the Dying

An elderly man lies upright in his hospital bed
He makes no fuss
And all noise he tries falls mute
On every ear 
His harsh complaints might as well be a dogs bark 

The man becomes sallow
There are few flowers or photographs nearby that draw him
The flower petals are turning brown
The stems sag and turn the vase water cloudy 

The tubes connect him to the hospital and to life
This is his life 
The words palliative and care
Displayed proudly beside one another
Oxymoron he considers
But no one is here to experience his wit 
Not anymore.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

My fat blue tie (194 of 365)

Day 194 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day autotomy meaning "The casting off of a limb or other part of the body by an animal under threat, such as a lizard."

My Fat Blue tie

My fat blue tie rests 
Like a cow tongue on my chest
It's tip lays just above my belt
And trousers 

My fat blue tie is knotted
And tight against my white neck
It melds my shirt against my skin
Seals me into my suit and
My work persona

My fat blue tie 
Slips and slides 
Eternally shifting but to me
It is always stationary 
And time is frozen to its autotomous tail Like a pendulum.

; (amphibology) (195 of 365)

Day 195 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day amphibology meaning: "a phrase or sentence that is grammatically ambiguous."

; (amphibology)

A passing passion
Hangs in the balance
Without determination
Spiralling endlessly and myopically

The tower cranes 
Hoist an interminable load
An interminable loads continue
To be stacked like Duplo blocks
And the tower cranes are unwieldy as a toddler

Joe Bloggs catches a whiff of
Industry on his way in 
He catches up and does his business
Then he's on his way out
His suit and tie trailing
His white collar subsistence 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Failure (193 of 365)

Day 193 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day argute meaning "shrewd."


Reading stories of long fought battles and hard fought alliances
Reading stories of helpless victims and argute defilers
Reading stories of (perhaps) wasted efforts and wasted lives
Reading stories that are inconvenient and non-ending
Reading stories about relentless forces of darkness and nature 
Reading stories of impossible struggles of tsunamis, volcanoes of famines of wars of corrupt rulers 
Reading stories of false hope felt too late
Reading stories of selfishness without remorse or recompense
Reading stories of victimisation
Reading stories of the helpless become dependent and then of the dependent slammed with sharp inflammatory stones
Reading stories of condemnation and rejection of religion of secularism 
Reading stories where there is no truce
Reading stories of rebels and regimes
Reading stories of countries lost and founded and raped and pillaged and historically languishing or historically spurned 
Reading stories of twisted orthodoxy and radical affiliations 
Reading stories of conflicting ideals and the plunge to violence
Reading redundant histories
Reading repeated mistakes
Reading forgotten failures of wars and conflicts and where it all went wrong...

Rotary (192 of 365)

Day 192 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day apoptosis meaning: "the death of cells which occurs as a normal part of an organism's growth or development."


The rotation of wheels 
Became the way of the world
Horses pulled wheels
Then engines pulled wheels 
Then electricity was forged by wheels 
The breakdown of the atomic wheel heralded a modern age
We each have our conception and apoptosis.

Each day the balls of my feet 
Contemplate and resist fatigue
They know only one way 
They roll forward just as sure as gravity 
My wheels turn

The wheels of my eyes are tired and dry 
Shapes blur in and out of focus 
Images projected onto the retina 
A turning projector wheel
In my mind sends ragged clips
Of memories and thoughts, lists, tasks operations that circulate back and forth 

There is a wheel pistoning 
Neurones and impulses 
I feel it zig and zag like lightning
Is my grey matter scorched 
It seems so 
Where did this weariness come from
When did I lose the momentum of polished wheels
Where did the inertia go
What was the trigger for this grounding deafening halt 

I demand that the wheels turn
I demand an end to these wearisome tones 
I demand an end to this
I demand an end.

Ocean Waves (191 of 365)

Day 191 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day anfractuous meaning "winding or circuitous."

Ocean Waves 

I feel at peace in the sight of 
Ocean waves
The ones that look green 
The ones that ripple and swirl
And circle the rocks playfully

The water is freezing 
Unpleasantly so 
Until I dive all the way in
There's no peace until after the plunge straight down
The cold evaporates and the murky world splays itself before my eyes
There is life and dust 
There are so many invisible stories here

I throw my head back like a surfer in a perfume add 
The pretentious type 
Where there's a new world 
And there's nothing but me and this cold blue 

There is no end to it
You can't break this down
You can't make it less
The greatness is there
It dwarfs everything
I am so small
I am nothing here 
I could dissolve and my skin and bones become dust 
I could become the bed of this great pythonic sea 

I lie on my back 
Allow myself to sink down
My nostrils teasing at the surface 
I feel the water smear my insides
It's salty and penetrating and itching and biting 
My lungs hiss and garble 
I jerk up
Another wave comes and laps at my waist 
Then another comes anfractuous
And another and another.