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Monday, 14 April 2014


First of all apologies readers I've been a bit slack in recent months. This poem has been inspired by some recent events, I just couldn't help thinking how each of us is so separate from each other. This is how a person so close to us can completely collapse within themselves right beside us and we might be right there beside them, and yet a universe away from them.

 It can be eerie how alone we can all be, ultimately it's up to each of to let our family and friends in. A bit of a grim topic, but if you know anyone close to you going through something or needing some help or guidance, my advice is to try and talk to them and try to work out what's going on and ask te simple question "how are you going?".


We are all of us a fragile universe
Disconnected by time and dimension
Each universe barely touching
existing beside one another
we only see the fog
A smokescreen of the other
The mystery lost in morse code
The claws of oblivion may tear
Asunder a whole universe
A black hole condensing everything
Into a singular pit of despair
And like the forces of physics
The universes turn on their own wheels
Undeterred by our efforts and will to stop them
Spiralling stars will trail their beautiful destruction over the dark cold void spilling and converging and decintegrating 
and condensing until there is nothing
No universe 
Simply an eerie blank 
black canvas.


Thursday, 2 January 2014


 There are birds
So many and they whisper
Did you hear the call of the wren
The birds they hear me 
They see me
They are listening to me 
The albatross wings like a harrier jet beating waiting
The birds the tall and meek
They all see me 
They see my weakness
I am naked to their cold dark pupils
The birds will never strike
They will speak to one another in the shadows always watching me
The birds
The great and the insignificant 
Peacocks with bright feathers
Herons with bold skewer beaks
Galahs, cockatoos and lorikeets shrieking laughter
The birds are squealing
The birds are taunting me
The birds are silent 
The birds don't like me
The birds are watching 
The birds are waiting 
The birds are wanting
The birds are waiting for me to die.


Sun kissed
Flaring sugar strawberry and cream 
Burns and blisters
Salt dry
Tight curved echoes like peaches 
Blanching caramel in the sun
The smoulder of waves 
Wrapping and ensnaring with a slaughter of froth 
Undulating dunes pass sweet whispers over grass
As the apricot sky saunters into night 
Breakers giving in, moaning into the dark black maw 
Leaving only the final imprints of clawing violent gritty love  

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Sometimes you aren't aware how much your own actions can effect someone else. I've recently been in a position of terrible power taking almost everything away from someone who hardly deserved it. 

And the worst of all is being powerless to assist. I'm being vague deliberately but my work at the moment is forcing me to confront a lot of terrible realities and unfortunately at the moment to do something I consider wrong and bad. In this poem I'm trying to imagine how that person might be feeling, so here it is my newest poem "stranger".


I took it all away
All away from a stranger
A Vagabond destined to roam in BMWs by the river
I took it all away
I'm the target 
I'm the enemy of your everything stranger
I'll shatter your relationships
Just with pen and paper
Worst of all stranger 
I'll happily take the cheque
Turning over the pages of other lives
Just as briskly and as carelessly

Where to now stranger
There is no compassion here
No remorse to nurse 
No hope
There is only time, stranger
Time and the dollar
What's yours is mine 
What's yours is always mine 

I'm the ghoul that haunts your memories
The mistakable shade wandering
The paths you write 
Of your own turmoil
I am that which is called justice
For stranger there is none 
And the man in black has come
The scythe sways to detach 
Each limb each morsel 
Silent shining relentless 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day and Night

I am the day
You are the night

I am the first hint of morning 
Smiling across at your pillow
The warmth, baking bodies awake

You are the night
Connected to the darkscapes of
Neon and paths woven
Of dancing lights

I am the slow drawl 
The waving sands
The rolling waves

You are elastic, wound tight
Zigzagging dinner tables
Streets, markets
Fire and glass 

And also 
In the dark, in the human
There too are oceans 
There too are waves 

I am the day
You are the night

Our time is the twilight
Where the whole world bows
In calm repose
The birds pause in flight
To Gaze at the magnificent pink lights
All noise turns dim and stern
Old folk and young all pause
And look upon the explosive wonder
Of the phantasmagoria 
So fleeting
So precious


Whether you write, draw, paint, act, make films, animate, weave, knit, forge, craft, compose or otherwise create we've all known the fight within ourselves to keep going. In essence that's what be written this poem about today! Anyway happy reading everyone and never give up no matter how wrong you feel about your craft whatever it be.


Write today wrong tomorrow
And the brain ticks over
And the inspiration falls
And the karma engine bombards 
With ricocheting bullets violently spraying mind chews
"I shouldn't" "I can't"
And the devil voice loves to destroy effort and break the bones of motivation
Splintering snapping 
"You shall never achieve that which you seek"
"That which you seek is a torn sad dream, destined to be broken on the wind"
"As spiteful as lost tears, caught, dried and lost in melancholy eyes"

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Where we ran with Bears

Where we ran with bears
When we swam with swans
The days they took flight
Covering the sky in feathers
Those days of eyewide blue

The days the summer sang
The days that faded as long as dogs at noon,
Who lazed better than tabbies upon warm Sunrise couches 

The times when we would laugh so close
Your nostril hairs showing
The pollen piling up running wild
Itching its way like beams of light
The ways in which we shared thoughts
Like milk sustenance 

The forms we took the shapes that played out in shadows and clouds
The nape of your neck the white alabaster that stirs me as the wind

The moments as mystic as a whale
Whose fin lingers but a moment
Suspended over Ocean and sky
Glinting black, white serene
Diving disappearing floating in the great green