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Thursday, 16 March 2017


Day 216 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day erubescent meaning "reddening or blushing."

War Zone 

You have your orders

I expect they will be obeyed 

Trudging through the snow 

This isn't what I thought 

This isn't what I expected 

Failure is not an option 

Absolute loyalty is everything 

The wearer of my flesh

These weak twiggy legs

My pulverised brain

My erubescent cheeks 

It won't take anymore 

I smile like a retard 

You must endure

You must push on

Your victory will only then be assured

The ends of it are messy

My odds and ends 

Without exception I'm broken

Without rest we toddle on

You cannot break

You must be strong

Abandon all weakness

Leave your flesh behind transcend it


This is the end of the line

The final bitter pill

Whether it be stinging pellets

Raining on us through the mud in front of us 

Or the whips of our taskmasters behind it's done

My body smacks into the hard clay like a dream

I can feel my skull bending 

It's beautiful and impossible 

The colours blend all together.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Day 215 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day doryphore 

"a pedantic and annoyingly persistent critic of others."

Discontent before the Law

The Court could not 

Account for the doryphore

At its doors

The army of panel wavers 

In angry bold letters - times new roman, Ariel even Comic Sans

The opulent gowned figures

Could not fathom the discontent


They wanted blood 

They wanted their blood 

There was a visceral mood

To the crowd and they needed 

It torn down 

They needed to see some symbolic destruction

Some reality to their agonies

The men and women in their suits and ties 

Did not see the yowls, mewls or screams 

Though they passed the throng each day 

There was a collective deadening of sensation as though their skin had turned to cobblestone, brick and sand 

The people demanded something

They could not say what it was

They could never account for it

Put it into the necessary terms 

So it remained lost 

Security hurried them on

Official business carried on 

Another day inconsequential as all others.


Day 214 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day Divaricate meaning "to stretch or spread apart."


Fresh from the sea 

There shells divaricated 

By strong arms 

The lemon commingling

With the shimmering white flesh

To lick and slurp 

That sweet gurgle as 

It slides through your insides

Pearl soft cream 

Feeling the brine briefly

Whisper at the tail end

The sea in your mouth.


Day 213 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Effable meaning "something that can be put into words."

The Silo

Tall corn rests shadowed by the 


It rests in its shade 

The corn is restless the farmer 

Ploughs through it the stalks are tossed up all in sight of the silo

The farmer rests 

A kind hand greets him passes him orange juice freshly squeezed 

He inspects the crop 

In the tall silo stacked dry and barren

There is a pause 

An effable silence 

In the line between the shade of the silo and the white light 

On the yellow stalks of corn 

There is a meeting 

It is sacred and silent 

It occurs in the shadow of the silo

There is guilt and giddiness and trepidation 

The silence is all the more chilling and exciting 

There is something being born here in shadow of the silo and it is not corn 

The farmer has neglected his work

The tractor lies barren

There is only one place he may be

But who with?

Monday, 13 March 2017


Day 212 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day edacious meaning:  "having to do with eating or fond of eating." 

A tired sort of love 

I love you in a tired sort of way

Which is the best in bed 

It is the feel of a cold morning 

My edacious stomach embracing your breath of garlic and onions from a warm hearty meal the night before 

I love you in a peaceful sort of sense

When work is done and I'm stretched i feel my body shrinking gradually on that long road home to you 

The compression is joy 

I love you like the stiff pain of a Sunday morning 

Knowing the bliss of waking and knowing what lies behind the next horizon 

But knowing in this moment

As light shines upon us two balls side by side 

Anything is possible today 

We can do anything we want today.


Day 211 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Word of the day Deracinate meaning "tear up by the roots."

You're the Worst 

You're bad for me 

You're the worst 

It's time to deracinate

To grab you and draw you out like a weed

You robbed me of myself

You took so much of my time

(But it wasn't mine was it?)

You're a curse 

You're a disease

You took it all my name

You took my money

And my self-respect

They lie when they say you can get it back

I'm less than what I was now

Thanks to you 

You're poison 

You're rot of the most ignoble sort 

All the words you made me scull

All those lying and dirty words

That you couldn't hold back

Tried to pretend that you were

That I was bad

That I was the reason for your failings

You're bad for me

You were the worst 

I will be better 

Perhaps one day.


Day 210 of the 365 day poem challenge.

Deglutition meaning "the action or process of swallowing."

Rainy Day

Do you hear it trickle like a hydrant

Gushing and gushing 

They are scurrying like rats

Forced down gangways, footpaths, fortresses of construction and industry and into slew ways 

Mewling trampling 

The bolts of water smack their faces like curry 

Their pink swollen heads having difficulty with deglutition 

This wet shiny world 

The cracked asphalt, the broken paths, the eternal dirt and pebble, the dominance of the microbe and dust  

The trains rumbles their frames 

The trains shake and shatter 

The foundations tremble, yet somehow hold fast 

The carriages away and shake like the sense of the commuters 

Like a pendulum begging to end

Can you hear the trickle like a hydrant gushing

The sound of thousands of soggy feet.